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Hylian Shield Pillow by nenfere Hylian Shield Pillow by nenfere
This is a Hylian Shield Pillow I made for my older sister from Christmas. It's the version from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I may try to make the one from Majora's Mask soon. The pillow was completely hand stitched and machine sewn, made from anti-pill fleece, and stuffed with polyfill. I forgot to measure it's exact dimensions before I gave it to her, but I believe it ended up being about 16 inches tall and 12 inches wide...maybe. I thought it came out okay.

Feedback is highly appreciated and will go towards improving my plushies in any way I can!

This pillow was given to my big sister for Christmas, along with the purple felt buddy Link in my gallery, but I believe I will make a few more for my etsy store and future conventions soon. I also plan on making the Deku Shield and Mirror Shield. Are there any other shields you guys want to see? If so, please tell me! I also plan on making pillows of the Spiritual Stones and Majora's Mask soon!

I don't own any of the Zelda games or the Hylian Shield, just this pattern and the pillow that was made from it.

Plush and Pillow commissions are open!
Vickers-von-Stitch Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Awesome idea! =D

And its fleece, anti-pill fleece at that so you can use it! Some pillows, artists use felt or what not, which makes them more of a look-at object, not for using! Great idea! \^^/

And its neatly done too, clean lines, I can't see any mistakes! Did you sew them on with a machine or hand? Either way, looks fab! Did you sister like it? I'll bet she did!

I hope you can sell a bunch! Happy New year!
nenfere Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Hi there! Thank you so much for the feedback. Yeah, I used to experiment with felt to figure out patterns, but I realized it tends to fall apart really easily and it kind of irritates my skin if I handle a lot of it for too long, so I try to avoid it if I can. I used anti-pill so that they can actually be used and cuddled unless I can't find a color. Then I use blizzard fleece. I sewed them on with a machine. I usually do some of it by hand, but I tend to get them crooked when I do that, so I tried it just with the machine this time and I think it worked okay. Yeah, my sister liked it. I was really relieved when she did too. She and her fiance both make awesome costumes and puppets, so I always get nervous giving them stuff. But they both liked it, so...yay!

Thank you so much! Comments like these mean the world to me, so I can't express how happy I am right now. : D Happy New year to you, too!
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